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Ion-A-Gro solar plant ionizer
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NO Ozone…….NO Nitrogen oxides………. A product of: Zenion Industries, Inc.

80 Year Old Technology Finally Made Commercially Viable for Select Agricultural Applications – Increased Plant Volume – Decreased Overall Production Cost

Ionization Delivers Huge Benefits and Increased Profits to Cannabis Growers

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Bathing above-ground plants in negatively charged ions is not new science. It has been studied, tested, and reported on for decades by agricultural scientist and prestigious universities, including University of California at Berkeley. In repeated studies, bathing green plants in ions has significantly improved the photosynthesis process, encouraging greater, more efficient plant growth. The drawback to using ionization commercially has never been the science; it has always been in the method of delivery…until now!

The principal obstacle to ionization in a commercial agricultural application has been the power requirements of the ion emitters. While improvements have been made, standard emitters still require an independent source of power which in turn means providing an expensive, high maintenance energy infrastructure. While the benefits of ionization are amazing, the plants being bathed had to have a high commercial value to offset the energy costs required by the ionic devices.

Ion-a-Gro Engineers a Breakthrough Solution

If you take away the cost of energy and maintenance, ionization can be a game change for growers of cannabis for the medicinal marijuana market. Ion-A-Gro has done just that. They have created an ionizer that runs on the voltage generated by a single solar panel located on top of the unit. This is a noteworthy development because it not only makes a proven science commercially viable, but also significantly increases crop production without increasing production cost.

Here’s why:

  • Reports from cannabis growers using the Ion-a-Gro ion emitters claim an overall growth in individual plants of 30% to 35%.
  • Because photosynthesis is significantly improved, plants live up to their potential manufacturing their own food through more efficient absorption of water and nutrients like iron from the soil. Less water and fewer hardeners (if any) are required to nourish the crop.
  • Fewer hardeners means fewer manufactured chemicals in the plant, a market advantage in the medicinal marijuana industry. Ionization ONLY affects the photosynthesis process. It does not change the potency or DNA of the plant. It simply gives you more product per plant.
  • Pesky and cash robbing herbivores like aphids and spider mites have no appetite for ionized plants. The science behind this phenomenon is uncertain but the results have been documented. Herbivores are not killed by ionization, they simply move on to untreated plants.
Hang It and Forget It

The lightweight, “kettle shaped” Ion-a-Gro emitters can be hung directly under grow-lights. There are no additional energy requirements as the grow-lights power the solar panel. There is no maintenance associated with the units other than a periodic dusting of the solar panel. Simply install the units and sit back and watch your crop flourish.
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